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Seaterra introduces Dead Sea+

a sublime series based on natural herbs and plant extracts infused in Dead Sea water. 

Reveal the unique hidden powers of the Dead Sea that have extended far beyond skincare for thousands of years. Soak in the soothing essence of mineral bliss.

In the mists of time, 

it's always been... Seaterra



For millennia, nature’s desire to heal and rejuvenate was the lifeline to beautiful skin. 


From the salty shores of the Dead Sea to the depths

of the lush forest, from ancient tradition to advanced

21   century technology, Seaterra captures

the exquisite mineral power of the Dead Sea

and intensifies it with the perfect balance of Traditional Chinese medicine. 


As these two elements come together, an immense burst of natural nourishment and goodness comes

to life – Seaterra, skin care unlike anything on Earth.


Created in nature, inspired by nature,

Seaterra is pure, timeless, and natural.

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